Distressing news from the oceans

Coral reef at Jarvis Island NWRA few weeks ago I had collected some quite distressing news from the state of our oceans. The four articles I have gathered are quite depressing and just show how urgent action is if we want to keep our planet habitable.

First and foremost, The New Scientist presented a new study that on top of warming and acidifying, oceans are also slowly suffocating. They may have lost up to seven percent of their oxygen by the end of this century.

This phenomenon alone could really destroy many ecosystems in an irreversible way but most unfortunately, it is not the only trend.

Climate Progress brings some outright scary experience straight from the fishing boats in US waters as well as more studies pointing out to the fact that we are in deep waters / problems because of climate change.

As you can imagine, all this could have horrifying consequences for human populations and how many of us feed themselves. Business Green has more on this topic.

Last but not least, the Newcastle Herald from Australia brings an account of a local yachtsman stating how the ocean is broken, noting drastic differences in ten years.

Reading all these, I guess it’s more than high time to tackle climate change and other environmental issues if the Human race is to survive this century.

Image credits : Coral at Jarvis Island NWR, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters on Flickr (Via TreeHugger)

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