Another year, another CO2 emissions record

The rise of the PollutionThis is getting really worrying. To the German renewable energy institute, global CO2 emissions rose by 2.5 percent in 2011. The IEA on its side saw a 3.2 percent increase. Global emissions are now 50 percent higher than in 1990.

This is taking place as respected organizations such as the World Bank, the IEA and the United Nations are calling for rapid and massive action. You can’t suspect these people to have an agenda or to have doubts about this.

So either country leaders around the world will finally heed the call or we are doomed to witness global collapse by 2030. It’s now or never.

Climate change is real and it is already knocking on our doors : Sandy the Frankenstorm will cost from $50 to $60 billion to the United States. The current drought will cost the US GDP to be lower by 0.4 percent for 2012 than it should be.

Similar facts could be taken from all around the world.

The more we wait, linger, look at our toes and so on, the more it will cost lives and money. Lives by the thousands and money by the dozens of billions of Dollars / Euros.


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