Global collapse could occur by 2030

It seems the great Albert Einstein was right all along when he stated that “We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.” Indeed, according to Care2 :

In 1972, MIT researchers published “Limits to Growth.” In it, they used models to analyze economic data, and predicted that if civilization continued on its path toward increasing consumption, the global economy would collapse by 2030.

Forty years later, instead of seeming unlikely, the prophesies of this controversial study appear to be coming true, right on schedule.

(W)e have only accelerated our consumption of the planet’s resources, and this destruction can’t go on much longer.

With all  the pollutions (air, soil, water), the non-renewable resources depletion, the overpopulation and so on, it seems the twelve reasons for collapse found by Jared Diamond were right.

I have already noted that the linear economic model (in which we take, make and dispose) in which we are trapped won’t work for much longer.

A new way based on a circular economic model is the only way forward. Otherwise our children (and even ourselves) will have to fight for our very survival.

This is the best example of the very triple crisis we are trapped in. The United Kingdom is going forward, Mexico is joining. If all G-20 economies could follow suit within the next three years, I could sleep more easily.

What do you think ?

2 thoughts on “Global collapse could occur by 2030”

  1. Intersting post.

    And the MIT study reminds me one of the rare things I remmebers form my Economics classes: the rule of 70 (in order to estimate the number of years for a variable to double, take the number 70 and divide it by the growth rate of the variable) and some associated examples: with a 3% growth, it takes roughly two decades to double the volume of what you have produced… scarry…

    A global consensus on ways to sustain our needs and growth is now urgent. But of course, political agendas…

  2. Political agendas ? Do they only have one ? Apart from ” getting as rich as possible as fast as possible ” ?

    When I see the current elections, I am wondering which party I should vote for…

    Thanks for your rule of 70. I didn’t know it. Keep up the good work !

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