Nordic countries are committed to climate action

Northern Europe under ice and snowIn the last few days Nordic countries have been making the climate headlines twice and both moves are interesting and show a real commitment towards slashing emissions and increasing sustainbility.

The first move was done by Finland as the country is willing to purely and simply abandon using coal by 2025. This energy source is accounting for around 11 percent of its electricity generation. (compared to around a third in EU27)

The second move came from Norway as it will double the carbon tax paid by its local oil companies to help developping nations cope with climate change

Getting back to Finland and coal, the Sydney Morning Herald reports :

Finland may phase out the use of coal in energy production by 2025, the first European country to do so, Economy Minister Jyri Haekaemies said.

Government subsidies and taxes seek to boost the use of renewable energy and cut fossil fuel use by 2020, according to the national climate and energy strategy drawn up by the former government in 2008. The policy document will be revised and updated by the end of this year, Haekaemies said.

Finnish electricity comes from a quarter nuclear power, and another quarter from renewables. Natural gas brings about the same share as coal does. (Source: Wikipedia)

Now this is some inspiring move and it is clear all other European nations should copy them as coal still kill people in the European Union.

Regarding Norway, The Guardian brings some details :

Norway is to double carbon tax on its North Sea oil industry and set up a £1bn [$1.6 billion] fund to help combat the damaging impacts of climate change in the developing world. … one of the most radical climate programmes yet by an oil-producing nation

Norway will also plough an extra £1bn into its funds for climate change mitigation, renewable energy, food security in developing countries and conversion to low-carbon energy sources, Environmental Finance reported.

It will step up spending on new projects to combat deforestation in developing countries.

Congratulations to Norway for stepping up and taxing more highly lucrative and destructive oil companies to help developping nations which will pay the largest share of environmental destruction caused by fossil fuels induced climate change.

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