Sharp presents transparent solar panels

Sharp transparent solar panels To Engadget : ” Sharp has announced an unusual photovoltaic panel for the Japanese market that collects energy from the sun while still allowing the light to shine on through.

” Though it’s rated at a lowly 6.8 percent efficiency, the glass-like properties make it useful as a construction material (as shown in the balcony railing above), with the semi-transparent nature giving occupants privacy, to boot. “

” The energy-producing cells are embedded in a laminated glass structure (…) allowing the panels to also be used as “windows, curtain wall and eaves” according to Sharp’s PR.”

2 thoughts on “Sharp presents transparent solar panels”

  1. I’ve heard about a similar solar panel being developed by scientists in the US. I believe it was at the University of California but don’t quote me on that. Regardless, it is a great idea. One of the barriers to entry for solar is often how they would make the home itself look, so having a transparent panel that can be integrated into windows would be the ideal solution.

  2. Hello Lee and many thanks for your comment.

    I too read about a similar technology being developped in the United States.

    I agree with you about how solar panels look but think this won’t be a problem when they’ll have become mainstream : people will get use to them. Besides, colored solar panels do exist…

    Looking forward to reading from you again 🙂

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