Climate change is already here, costing billions

Climate Vulnerability Monitor 2If you think climate change is a threat upon our future only, you should read what follows. Indeed, a to a recent study, climate change already costs 1.6 percent of global GDP or $1.2 trillion (900 billion euros) per annum.

Worse, climate change already and fossil fuels kills up to five million people each year. Both figures are expected to increase if enough wasn’t done by 2030. By then we could lost 3.2 percent of GDP p.a.

The study shows all too clearly that developping nations will face the vast majority of problems as 90 perrcent of all deaths would take place there… This is scary.

To learn out more about the Climate Vulnerability Monitor – the name of the study – please check out the various articles by The Guardian, Grist or Reuters.

You may download the full report directly from the DARA website.

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