US fossil fuels interests are getting desperate

Fossil fuels lobbies and anti climate change think tanks alike are getting more and more desperate as connect the dots and demand action on greenhouse gases and pollutions of all kinds.

As if this wasn’t enough, Senator Bernie Sanders (Independant from Vermont) and Congressman Keith Ellison (Democrat from Minnesota) introduced a bill to end polluter welfare.

If such a move was enacted, fossil fuels subsidies – due to be over a hundred billion dollars in America in the next ten years – would come to an end.

Subsequently, coal and oil would get more expansive and would thus make renewables even more competitive. This is taking place solar, wind and other alternative energies are booming, and thus are becoming cheaper…

All this might explain why the Heartland Institute, a prominent anti climate change “think tank” ran a crazy advertisement campaign.

The campaign was indeed so stupid – it assumed that only mass murderers and criminals believe in climate change – that it backfired and ultimately cost them the support of many companies.

The situation has become so dire for them that the Institute announced that it wouldn’t organize their annual congress next year. All I can say is ” good riddance ! “

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