Americans connect the dots, demand action

Two recent polls are showing that change might soon take place in the United States. Climate Progress recently noted that 75 % of Americans support regulating carbon dioxide as a pollutant, and that 60 % support a carbon tax.

The same website mentioned shortly afterwards another poll showing that 63% of Americans say  their country should fight global warming regardless what other countries do. This represents an overwhelming majority…

As 80 percent of Americans have already experienced extreme weather events such as dramatic drought, tornadoes and floods, this is no surprise.

Despite Big Oil and Big Coal lobbies’ huge advertisement efforts on trying to dismiss climate change and cleantech, Americans are connecting the dots.

Isn’t it the perfect timing for Democrats and other politicians to start becoming serious about climate change, cleantech and efficiency ? We have seen many times here that climate change is a real problem that demands real solutions as soon as possible :

Likewise, we have seen even more research on the astounding potential of both energy efficiency and cleantech on American soil :

  • The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEE) showed that the United States could consume 60 percent less energy by 2050 ;

To conclude : tomorrow, on May 5th, is organizing a global event aiming at connecting the dots between extreme weather events and climate change. Don’t hesitate and join them. This way you will make your voice heard !

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