Throwing money out of the window

In this economy, I am sure you are careful about how you spend your money and really think about how you will make ends meet this month or the next as the economy might head toward another recession as oil prices go up.

However, each time you are putting 50 euros in your gas tank, you are literally burning two-twenty euro notes as current cars’ internal combustion engines are 85 percent inefficient.

Similarly, if you live in an inefficient building, you may throw out of the roof or the windows up to 80 percent of your $1,000 or 1,000€ heating bill. Yes, that’s 800€ or $ right out of the windows.

In this economy, this is unnerving and outrageous, but also completely unnecessary. All this leads to enormous wastes of money all around the world as we speak. It also leads to catastrophic greenhouse gases emissions.

The first solution is electric vehicles. Sure, they are awfully expensive, but they might soon be much cheaper and with a much better range. We will very soon tackle the very issue so stay tuned.

The second solution costs much less and can be done quite easily : weatherizing your house might lead to huge savings. Insulating your walls is easy – I know how to do it and have been doing it since age 12 with my Grandpa Louis. Changing your windows for double glazing models sure represents an investment, but one that really makes sense.

In fact, you have seven good reasons to start weatherizing your home today. So get to work ! 🙂

To conclude : electric cars and housing insulating are just two ways among dozens to start saving both money and our civilization. Please remember that energy efficiency in the panacea to all our energy and climate problems.

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