Looking for sound and profitable investments ?

At a time where stock markets plummeted around the world, you may be looking for sound and profitable investments that will pay back for themselves quite quickly and last long.

You might think about putting some money in a far away country’s companies or else. The ideal solution is nearer… as a matter of fact, it might be your own house or apartment.

As winter nears in the Northern Hemisphere, Insulating your place would provide you with at least seven advantages for today and tomorrow.

1. Decreasing your heating and air conditioning bills.

As temperatures decrease, your heating bills go upwards. If you want to start saving money, insulate your roof first (30 percent of heat losses), then your walls (25 percent) and finally your windows( around 13%) and other areas. Learn out more.

2. Feeling more comfortable.

If you live in an old house you might have cold walls, and this even if you heat your place a lot. This happens as temperatures outside drop. Insulating your walls would result in avoiding this phenomenon, and thus increasing in a significant way your comfort.

3. Increasing your house’ value.

At a time where houses’ value are decreasing (-3.5 % in France in only three months), insulating your home would actually increase its value when it will be time for you to sell it. Furthermore, lowered energy bills make it easier to sell it.

4. Decreasing your family’s carbon footprint

Burning less wood, oil or natural gas or consuming less electricity means exploiting less natural resources, and thus lead to cutting your family’s carbon and environmental footprints as well. Buildings are the main sector when it comes to energy consumption…

5. Improving soundproofing

Winterizing your house would also enable to hear less from your neighbors’ parties, shouting pedestrians or simply vehicles passing by. This can be a significant advantage if you live in a city center or in an otherwise noisy neighborhood.

6. Wide variety of means and possibilities

Whether you choose to insulate your place from the roof to the basement in one shot or room by room, or by using natural or purely industrial means, the possibilities are endless.

7. Paying less tax.

In some countries and regions, insulating your place may result in paying less tax as you are eligible for tax breaks, rebates and so on. Learn out more by looking your country’s energy ministry or department.

Convinced ? Then you should check out a most interesting article by the Daily Green. It will provide you with many ideas on how to winterize your home.

Most of them are taylored for Northern America’s houses, but you will nonetheless find interesting tips to insulate your home.

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