Sony slashed its emissions by 31% since 2000

To TreeHugger : ” Electronics giant Sony announced today that since 2000, it has achieved a 31 percent reduction in global CO2 emissions. The company boasts that means it surpassed its 2006 “Green Management” goal by 24 percent ”

” It did also achieve, though, a 54 percent reduction in waste generation (the goal was 40 percent) and a 41 percent reduction in water use at business sites (the goal was 20 percent).”

” The announcement comes after a third-party analysis of data from Sony’s facilities worldwide confirmed that the company met or exceeded several of the targets laid out in 2006 in its Green Management 2010 plan.” 

2 thoughts on “Sony slashed its emissions by 31% since 2000”

  1. positive news are essential to turn public apathy into active participation–the road to recovery seems greener this summer of crisis… the drought has arrived to the plains, drying up the flooded towns and ruined crops…smaller farms can replant, large monocultures are not as resilient…save food, prices are sure to rise with temperatures and temperaments…

  2. Hello Nadine and thanks for your continuous support.

    I see more and more companies acting on climate change in a massive way. I find that not only positive but also encouraging. If governments don’t see the benefits, at least responsible businesses are…

    As you know, we throw tons of food, using it more responsibly and stopping waste is a must.

    Enjoy your weekend, here in Paris, the sun seems to be back after a rainy July…

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