Will 2011 be the year of energy efficiency ?

Late last year GreenTech Media published an article stating that this year will be the one dedicated to energy efficiency. As you know the potential of energy savings is quite huge. As the author notes there :

” I believe that this is the year that we will really see cleantech companies which are focused on energy efficiency take off. We’re already seeing the groundwork being laid for this development. “

Fully addressing the challenge of doing more with much less will require all the ingeniosity Humans are capable of. This is an exciting – and vital – challenge as fossil fuels are peaking.

Here is an extract of the full article :

More important than big funding rounds and small acquisitions (if they were big acquisitions, it wouldn’t be much of a prediction, would it?) is the change in sentiment we’re seeing, both from facilities managers for commercial projects and channels for residential.

Johnson Controls and the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA) released the results of a survey they conducted of over 1400 C-level execs, facilities managers and other executives in North America (here’s a good summary of the findings).

The number-one reason (by far) that the respondents were interested in energy efficiency for their buildings was to save money. That’s great news. For there to be long-term success in energy efficiency in the commercial sector, it has to be about cost savings.

This is interesting even more as I am currently reading Crossing the Energy Divide by Robert Ayres and Edward Ayres. (Here is an interview given by one of the authors to the New York Times)

I will propose you a review of this great book soon, so stay tuned !

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