Nature doesn’t do bailouts

If you have been reading this blog for some time, you know that I believe that we are heading straight toward a triple crisis. Indeed, we are already experiencing an economical crisis and we may soon face environmental issues.

It seems that I am not the only one thinking that Nature might soon be reaching the point of no return. Johann Hari wrote in the Huffington Post a compelling article on the very matter.

Urging our representatives to act in Cancun next week, the journalist explains that some of  the worst predictions from the IPCC are occuring.Here are some extracts of the full article :

Before the Great Crash of 2008, the people who warned about the injection of huge destabilizing risk into our financial system seemed like arcane, anal bores. Now we all sit in the rubble and wish we had listened.

The great ecological crash will be worse, because nature doesn’t do bailouts.

That’s what Cancun should be about — surveying the startling scientific evidence, and developing an urgent plan to change course. The Antarctic — which locks of 90 percent of the world’s ice — has now seen eight of its ice shelves fully or partially collapse.

The world’s most distinguished climate scientists, after recordings like this, say we will face a three to six feet rise in sea level this century.

That means the drowning of London, Bangkok, Venice, Cairo and Shanghai, and entire countries like Bangladesh and the Maldives.

(…) The scientific debate is not between deniers and those who can prove that releasing massive amounts of warming gases will make the world warmer.

Every major scientific academy in the world, and all the peer-reviewed literature, says global warming denialism is a pseudo-science, on a par with Intelligent Design, homeopathy, or the claim that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS.

(…)No: the debate is between the scientists who say the damage we are doing is a disaster, and the scientists who say it is catastrophe.

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