Unilever presents bold sustainability plan

Representatives of Big Business are acknowledging that business as usual scenarios are no more congruent to today’s world and that sustainability has to be at the core of their actions. The latest example of that is Unilever.

The consumer goods giant is willing to help a billion people improve their health and well-being ; halve the environmental impact of its products and enhance the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people in our supply chain.

These sure are great plans with 50 concrete targets. Now this is a company that understood what Corporate Social Responsibility means.

As Business Green notes :

Speaking at the launch of the Sustainable Living Plan, which was announced simultaneously in London, Rotterdam, New Delhi and New York, chief executive Paul Polman said that all the decisions the company takes will be informed by their potential environmental impact.

“We have ambitious plans to grow the company. But growth at any price is not viable,” he said. “We have to develop new ways of doing business which will ensure that our growth does not come at the expense of the world’s diminishing natural resources.”

The 10-year plan contains more than 50 social, economic and environmental targets, including a commitment to halve greenhouse gas emissions, water and waste used by the company in its direct operations, and through its suppliers and consumers.

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