Going further in reducing our amounts of waste

Recycling is just the beginningYou may remember my article in June on waste in my Towards sustainability series. I was there mentioning the three Rs : Reducing, Recycling and Reusing. which are the basis of a more sustainable management of waste

Now TreeHugger presents us with 7 Rs adding Rot (as nearly 40 percent of the world’s garbage is organic waste and can be composted), Repair, Return, Refill (like it’s done for bottles in Germany) and Refuse.

The slideshow provided by TreeHugger is most inspiring and will give you all the necessary information to drastically cut your daily waste.

1 thought on “Going further in reducing our amounts of waste”

  1. I am glad that more and more people are supporting the 3 R’s and now we do have the 7 R’s. All of them, I know still a lot of people are having a hard time following them but if you care enough for this planet at learn to refuse. Let us keep our planet a better place to live.

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