Spain to add 8.8 GW of green electricity by 2012

2204009533_9931057486According to Reuters Spain will add up to 8.8 GW of renewable energies by 2012. As GreenUnivers [Fr] points out this would increase by 37 percent the current renewable electricity capacity in just three years.

This occurs as now wind energy has more installed capacity than nuclear in Spain and even supplied the country more than half of its electricity needs for several hours. (source: The Guardian)

For more on this event, please check out the official press release in Spanish. Some interesting stuff there including a table of the development of renewables.


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  1. Monday, April 26, 2010

    […] is indeed occuring, and occuring faster and faster as China, the United Kingdom, Spain and many other nations have fully understood that cleantech is the new arms […]

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