Third part of AR4 to be released on friday

The third part of the fourth assessment report of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is to be released on Friday. This one will tackle the responses that can be brought to mitigate climate change.

After the first one focusing on the climate change per se that was released in February, and the second focused on the previsions in April, the third part of AR4 will handle the various things the world can do to stop climate change.

Contrary to the two previous parts that required mostly hard sciences like physics, climatology and the likes, the last will be more on human sciences. This is explained by the fact that economics, politics and behavioural sciences are required to find ways to mitigate and stop global warming as populations are the very sources of the greenhouse gases emissions.

What will do each country to decrease its greenhouse gases can only be done via politics. Understanding the in and outs of government styles truly help. Some countries will rely more on technology like the United States. Other countries will be more prone on relying on energy efficiency and the likes.

Politics are also important to prepare the future of the fight against climate change. The Kyoto Protocol is the first step to mitigate climate. The goal of this step was to decrease by a little bit more than five percent the global greenhouse gases emissions. However, it is estimated that Mankind got to decrease by 75 percent to totally stop climate change.

Various topics will be discussed about this week in Bangkok for the third part of AR4. Among those topics we will find agriculture, housing, transportation, industry… in brief all economics sectors.

I will write another article on the conclusions of this report once it is released.

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