After four months of blogging…

Just a quick note to state that the new version of, the one you are reading just now, is four month old. I take the opportunity here to thank you readers for your interest in my humble blog.

It is to me a very promising website / blog as I discover I am read in many countries and this not only in Europe. It also gives me hope in my job research and enables me to show what I can do as well as my sources of interests.

This is the 63rd note I write here, which makes one every two days, and I want to believe I found the perfect balance between my job research per se and the writing of these articles.

In the meantime my quest for employment is going on. How it is going keeps me rather optimistic.

I took in the very last days the opportunity to add pages the Data section of this website with more information. I also updated my various resumes on the Download page.

After having thought of it, I plan to introduce you to a new category of articles. I will pretty soon start to write stuff in French in order to enable people speaking this language to know what is going on on the fight against climate change.

These new articles will be resuming previously written articles, and will present a synthesis of what was written in the two previous weeks.

Please don’t hesitate to write a comment on this idea, I am largely interested by your ideas, comments and so on.

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