A short personal note, part 2

Yes, another post on Saturday. It is just to wish here a happy birthday to my dad. You will probably think that I plan to do a personal blog without any news any more or anything. It is not the case, this website has a professional purpose. But as my dad truly and undoubtedly helped me in my professional development, I take the opportunity to heartily thank him here.

My mom also contributed in a huge way in my personal development, but my father enabled me to learn English pretty early and hence enabled me to master this language. If my dad hadn’t been there to teach me English the way he did and all the time he gave to me, you would read a blog in French and I would never had been this far in my studies of Shakespeare’s language.

So happy birthday to him. May his years be brighter and brighter as they go. I wish him many good things in all aspects for the future. He truly deserves it, as well as my mom.

May they both be as happy as one can on Earth. They have been, and they still are great parents that taught me so many things of all kinds that I only can be grateful. This post is also dedicated to all the members of my family : my sister, my grand-parents, aunts and uncles etc… as they also enabled me to become the human being I am nowadays. My friends also played important roles ; so to all of them, family, friends and relatives alike : “Merci beaucoup à tous et à toutes…”

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