Swiss company unveils white solar panels

The future will be solar powered. We have seen it time and again. But for those fearing a world full of black or blue solar panels, have no fear. If I had reported about colored solar panels in 2010, here is something new…

An efficient alternative to fluorescent tubes

Fluorescent tubes are everywhere : in offices and homes and of course, in supermarkets and factories. This ubiquitous lights are used in a staggering amount of 12 billion sockets to Philips. The company has developed an alternative based on LED technology : the InstantFit LED lamp. Up to 40 percent more efficient than traditional T8… Continue reading An efficient alternative to fluorescent tubes

Brazilian deforestation increasing

Here are some bad news I read last week : deforestation in Brazil is increasing again. For the past years, it had been decreasing steadily, reaching its lowest levels in two decades. But over the last year, deforestation increased by 28 percent over the previous one. As the BBC noted : ” The government is… Continue reading Brazilian deforestation increasing

Friday video : Petroleo

I thought a short video might be interesting to end this week. It’s called Petroleo and it was done by two animation students at Gobelins, The French Ecole de l’Image. This was done during a Cartooning for Peace workshop. An idea from famous French cartoonist Plantu, Cartooning for Peace offers higher levels of visibility to… Continue reading Friday video : Petroleo

Towards sustainability, reloaded : electricity

For the second part of this series – the first one was on heating – we are having a look at electricity consumption of households and the various ways we can decrease it. This will enable you to have lower energy bills – always a good thing with the hard times we have – to… Continue reading Towards sustainability, reloaded : electricity

Earthrise, the making of

I love the picture Earthrise. Since I first discovered it back to 2007, it has become the central part of my communications; It is featured on my Twitter account, my page, my business cards and on the header of this website. So when Andrew Revkin from the New York Times tweeted about the “… Continue reading Earthrise, the making of

Renault Z.E. : The best electric car ad ever

As you surely know now Renault – a French carmaker – plans to sell four different electric cars this year and next. The first model, the  Fluenze Z.E. ,  will be available in September. To this effect, the company presented today an excellent and hilarious advertisement, that will hopefully stays in everyones’ mind when it… Continue reading Renault Z.E. : The best electric car ad ever

Great astrophotographies – February 2011

I think this is a record of some sort as I am only publishing today my selection of astrophotographies for February… Anyway, here is my selection of the best pictures of the NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD). This month is a bit special as my favorite is a video : ” How big… Continue reading Great astrophotographies – February 2011

The Story of Cosmetics

Annie Leonard comes back ! After the Story of Stuff – about the true environmental cost of our consumerist frenzy – and the Story of Bottled Water – which is the apex of unsustainability – she comes back with the Story of Cosmetics. Exposing the horrendous toxic products found in our personal care products Annie… Continue reading The Story of Cosmetics

Would you buy a $10,000 sandwich ?

The most probable answer is no. Then today’s post should help you reconsidering buying bottled water. Indeed, according to Annie Leonard’s latest short video the price of a bottle of water is 2,000 times the price of tap water. I stopped drinking bottled water when I bought a Brita water filter. I could have went straight… Continue reading Would you buy a $10,000 sandwich ?

Barcelona’s amazing smart lightning idea

The city of Barcelona and Spanish utility Endesa have been installing smart LED lightning systems that automatically switch themselves off when no one is around. This enables the city to cut by 30 percent its electricity consumption. I really would like this idea to spread across Europe and even the entire world. Indeed, how many… Continue reading Barcelona’s amazing smart lightning idea