Altered:Nozzle – Same tap. 98% less water

Last year I was blogging about the Nebia showerhead which was proposing to save 70 percent water thanks to liquid atomization. Now with the same technology comes the Altered:Nozzle which saves a massive 98 percent of water that comes out of the faucet while not cutting on fonctionality.

Infographics on the water-energy nexus

We all need water and energy but with climate change, water scarcity is increasing. And sometimes, precious water is necessary to generate electricity. So for today’s post, I gathered a few infographics on that topic. 

Water scarcity to hit half Mankind by 2050

According to researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ” by 2050 more than half the world’s population will live in water-stressed areas and about a billion or more will not have sufficient water resources. “ ” (…) The researchers expect 5 billion of the world’s projected 9.7 billion people to live in water-stressed areas by… Continue reading Water scarcity to hit half Mankind by 2050

Here come the toilets of the future

Here is a smelly question : why are we putting together what Nature separates ? This is the question asked by a Swedish researcher about toilets. Putting urine and feces together is not a good idea as it is simply a waste of resources. Moreover, flushing with liters and liters of perfectly drinkable water is… Continue reading Here come the toilets of the future

2030, the coming global water crisis

The Atlantic published an article under this title that points to another inconvenient truth: between the growing needs of an increasing population and climate change, water will soon come in short supply. To the first U.S. Intelligence Community Assessment of Global Water Security :” by 2030 humanity’s annual global water requirements will exceed current sustainable… Continue reading 2030, the coming global water crisis

Towards sustainability, reloaded : water

For the third installment of the series – see the previous articles on heating and electricity – I would like to propose you a selection of the best tips to help you to decrease your water consumption. Water scarcity is a major problem today as many countries and regions of the globe (South Asia, China,… Continue reading Towards sustainability, reloaded : water

Glaciers are melting faster and faster

The UNEP and the World Glacier Monitoring Service published a report showing how glaciers all around the world are melting faster and faster, thus threatening the water supplies of hundred of millions of people. The report then noted that “the average annual melting rate of glaciers doubled after the turn of the millennium.” This scary… Continue reading Glaciers are melting faster and faster

Water in Singapore : Conserve, Value, Enjoy

For this month’s article on CleanTechies we are moving from cleantech in France to focus on water management in Singapore as I read Erik Orsenna’s book on water. There are many interesting things to learn there. From massive rainwater harvesting to water treatment with 15 reservoirs and recycling and desalination, the island city covers 60… Continue reading Water in Singapore : Conserve, Value, Enjoy

Worsening water scarcity crises in China

I was reporting last week that many countries in South Asia are facing water scarcity. And to recent articles I read, it seems that the phenomenon is also witnessed in China as well, but an even more worrying way. An article from the Green Leap Forward brings us great information on that worsening trend. This… Continue reading Worsening water scarcity crises in China

Water scarcity in South Asia

The latest UNEP publication is stressing the importance of water issues in South Asia (from Iran to India and Bangladesh), a region accounting for a fourth of human population but only a twentieth of the planet’s freshwater resources. Among the main threats are over-exploitation, pollution, high population growth and the lack of cooperation between neighboring… Continue reading Water scarcity in South Asia