Altered:Nozzle – Same tap. 98% less water

Last year I was blogging about the Nebia showerhead which was proposing to save 70 percent water thanks to liquid atomization. Now with the same technology comes the Altered:Nozzle which saves a massive 98 percent of water that comes out of the faucet while not cutting on fonctionality.

Here is the video for their Kickstarter campaign :

As you will have noticed, the team has an accent, a Swedish one.  So yes, the company comes from the same country that brought us IKEA. I am very inspired by this tiny widget.

 Water consumption from faucets is behind a massive 18 percent of water consumption in households. Imagine if we consumed 98 percent less. This is also makes me wonder when will industry standards change ?

I hope and dream that water efficiency becomes a thing in households as energy efficiency became one. LED bulbs are getting widespread, LED screens and TVs consume less and less… It makes sense in a warmer and weirder world to wash our clothes and dishes with less and less water. It makes sense to conserve water when we shower, flush and use faucets to wash our hands, produce and so on.

What if the Nebia water consumption became the standard for California or Southern US States ? What if the Swedish dream team behind the altered nozzle sold at a special price their patents to the European Union and made hundreds of millions of faucets more efficient ?

This could be major wins for both the companies and for local communities. I imagine changing industry standards for such things is not easy or quick. But given how water scarcity is increasing everywhere, the issue is real.

As I am publishing this article, the campaign is already a huge success with over $480,000 pledged, with an original goal of $30,000. The Kickstarter went quickly viral and was funded in three days. As I write there are already over 6,000 backers. With only a week left to the campagin one can wonder where it will stop. I sincerely wish them a resounding success as we certainly need to conserve water all around.

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