Integrating Sustainability in Corporate Strategy

For this week’s article I am proposing an altered version of the first paper I wrote for tthe sustainable strategy seminar during the course of my MBA in Sustainable Business and Energy at Presidio Graduate School. 

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1800th article, a reflection

As I am writing my 1800th article in eight years I would like to take some time to reflect on our common climate / energy situation, Corporate (Social) Responsibility and my own life.

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Book review : Ecomind, by Frances Moore Lappé

Here is an inspiring book replete with paradigm shifting ideas and examples. Frances Moore Lappé provides here a real must-read book that will energize its readers and give them all hope for a better world.

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Sustainability at work : repair, reduce and reuse

Make do and mendMaking it do, making it last, mending it : this is something that our parents or grandparents were doing but that we don’t do it nowadays anymore. This is bad for our environment and our societies. Here is a reflection.

What do my wallet, my suitcase and my swimming goggles have in common ? They are all repaired items. Both suitcase and wallet were showing signs of age because of extensive use over the years.

Despite frantic protest from my parents stating quite rightly that I could afford new ones, I had them sewn by one of my dear aunts : Pascale is a real genius with either a needle or a sewing machine.

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Friday video : Petroleo

I thought a short video might be interesting to end this week. It’s called Petroleo and it was done by two animation students at Gobelins, The French Ecole de l’Image. This was done during a Cartooning for Peace workshop.

An idea from famous French cartoonist Plantu, Cartooning for Peace offers higher levels of visibility to the many syndicated cartoonists fighting for peace and Human Rights around the world.

Petroleo offers a great reflection at our addiction to oil and its effect on us. You know my opinion on that matter : we need to get out of oil ASAP.

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New 21st century idea for Lent : giving up carbon

Here is a great idea for the million of Christians around the world. To Climate Progress : ” For many Christians, the 40-day period of fasting and reflection before Easter known as Lent is a chance to get in mental and spiritual shape. “ ” (…) this year, thousands of Christians worldwide are making a … Read more

Women, equality and climate climate

I don’t like International Women’s Day for the same reason I don’t like Earth Day : the issue of equality between men and women is too important to dedicate just one day. But if this is necessary to advance on the issue, ok, let’s talk about it. Climate Progress has an interesting reflection on women … Read more

Prefering efficiency and sobriety over renewables

Here is my latest reflection on Cleantechies : ” The more I delve into energy and climate issues, the more this seems completely evident : we should prefer energy efficiency and sobriety over renewables.“ ” Making efficiency a priority – whereas renewables are the priority nowadays – will without a doubt benefit the consumer, the … Read more

Prosperity without growth

Prosperity without growthFurther to the discussion I had with Kiashu in the previous post, I thought a recent post from the Oil Drum would be appropriate to continue our discussion on why it seems we have to consume always more and if there are alternatives.

A British organization wonders in it’s latest report if we can achieve prosperity without growth. This is an important question as economic growth is seen as the ultimate goal of our modern societies.

This paper is worth reading as it clearly shows the limits of our current thinking based on infinite growth in a finite world. My guess is that we will have to stop linear thinking and start circular.

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Why is energy conservation so unpopular ?

Think energy efficiencyI am currently wondering why are energy conservation and efficiency so unpopular. Indeed, these solutions can cut significantly our greenhouse gases emissions and enable us to save huge amounts of money.

Most governments are putting money on renewable energies or stuff like “clean coal“. Instead of the latter, why aren’t they instead investing in solutions that can pay back quickly and improve their balance of trade ?

From housing to transportation and from lightning to industry, energy efficiency can benefit developed and developing countries alike. It’s high time for us to act on that matter…

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Will climate change affect everyone but you ?

Global warming harms everyone but youA  US study shows that the vast majority of people believe they won’t be harmed by climate change. However, it will affect each and everyone of us in the middle or long term as temperatures rise.

Similarly, many people still believe someone else – the Chinese, the Americans, the companies, the neighbor with his huge SUV –  should decrease their emissions first, but that their own are fine.

This makes me think that one should not protect the environment for the sake of protecting the environment. One should do it in order to protect oneself.

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