Adidas to recycle the oceans’ plastic

We have seen previously that not only cleaning up the oceans from plastic is possible but it could be done quite quickly. Now comes Adidas, the famous sportswear company, with the logical continuation : manufacture stuff with the recovered plastic !

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Unilever presents bold sustainability plan

Representatives of Big Business are acknowledging that business as usual scenarios are no more congruent to today’s world and that sustainability has to be at the core of their actions. The latest example of that is Unilever.

The consumer goods giant is willing to help a billion people improve their health and well-being ; halve the environmental impact of its products and enhance the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people in our supply chain.

These sure are great plans with 50 concrete targets. Now this is a company that understood what Corporate Social Responsibility means.

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Is this really a problem of rhetoric ?

Climate change, aka global warmingMankind as a whole – and particularly its leaders – is slow on acting against climate change, an issue that could be its doom if nothing was done fast and big to avoid the worst crises.

Recently several articles – including on Grist and Dot Earth  – have been published wondering if this fact was due to bad rhetoric (or PR, but this term is to me more business related)

I believe there indeed is a problem. Solutions exist and would bring many improvements over our current energy sources and lifestyle. So why aren’t we applying them already ?

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