A second chance to save the climate

According to the New Scientist ” Humanity has a second chance to stop dangerous climate change. Temperature data from the last decade offers an unexpected opportunity to stay below the agreed international target of 2 °C of global warming. ” A new analysis (…) suggests that Earth will warm more slowly over this century than we… Continue reading A second chance to save the climate

7 ways climate change is worse than thought

In case you would haven’t guessed : Climate change is here and it’s even worse than we thought. New Scientist proposes a compelling series of article showing that the IPCC predictions in 2007 were below what we are witnessing. Here are the seven points of their argumentation : arctic warming, extreme weather, food production, sea… Continue reading 7 ways climate change is worse than thought

Extreme oil anyone ?

While some magazines print sensationalist articles, some other prefer to carry out real research with real facts and figures. New Scientist indeed published an interesting article on what they call extreme – or unconventional – oil. Understanding that peak oil is either near or already arrived we can either burn as much unconventional oil as… Continue reading Extreme oil anyone ?