7 ways climate change is worse than thought

New Scientist cover on climate changeIn case you would haven’t guessed : Climate change is here and it’s even worse than we thought. New Scientist proposes a compelling series of article showing that the IPCC predictions in 2007 were below what we are witnessing.

Here are the seven points of their argumentation : arctic warming, extreme weather, food production, sea level, planetary feedback, human emissions and heat stress.

If you want further nightmarish details, please have a look at Climate Progress’ take on the article. So are we doomed ? Nope, we still can act. But we got to act quick and big.

The European Union should go for 30 percent emissions cuts by 2020 as its Parliament voted recently, the United States should launch a Manhattan Project like on energy efficiency and renewables, and China and India – and other nations around the world – should say no to new coal plants and go for renewables and efficiency.

On a global scale, all countries should stop subsidizing fossil fuels, which are still receiving billions each month to keep polluting our atmosphere, our water tables and our soils…

It’s not impossible. As a matter of facts, it is perfectly possible. Countries are acting more and more and we might act big enough early enough to prevent unmanageable climate change.

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