G8 leaders agree to act on climate, air pollution

Are we finally getting things right on climate change ? Not completely, but what happened last week may be a good omen for the Rio +20 conference. As I noted in a post published yesterday on Cleantechies : ” Further to the Camp David meeting last week, G8 leaders agreed to act on climate change … Read more

The G8 meeting in L’Aquila: a missed opportunity

Logo-G8-meeting-l'aquila-italyA few months before the Copenhagen meeting which will decide of the future of the Kyoto Protocol, the countries who met in Italy this week missed another opportunity to agree on climate change mitigation.

After Hokkaido in July 2008, this G8 meeting was another failure of our elected representatives to seriously act on the defining cause of our time. The Kindergarten squabble continues.

From rich nations to poorer ones, none of them decided to show some real leadership that would set an example for the others.

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A renewed interest for energy efficiency

Think energy efficiencyAccording to the International Energy Agency many developing countries like India or China are increasing their energy efficiency efforts to slow down their oil consumption.

This is great news for peak oil and climate change mitigation. Meanwhile, the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair believes that energy efficiency is a faster solution than trading carbon-dioxide allowances.

Both news occur just days before the G8 meeting nears. One of the main topics will be climate change mitigation and the Copenhagen meeting that will take place in December.

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UNEP calls G8 Hokkaido meeting a “missed opportunity”

The last three days, the eight richest nations in the world met in Hokkaido, Japan to discuss about Africa and climate change and the least we can say is that it was a failure…

The Director of the United Nations Environment Program indeed believes that the G8 meeting is a seriously bad omen for the Copenhagen meeting in 2009.

The future of the Kyoto Protocol will be talked about at that moment. Our governments really have to move forward. Quickly !

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