Annie Leonard presents the Story of Solutions

Story of solutionsAnnie Leonard, of Story of Stuff fame did it all again and presented another great video on how we have to and can change the world. Called The Story of Solutions, it focuses on changing the end-game of MORE to a one focusing on BETTER.

We have seen it already, working on ever increasing the Gross – gross as in disgusting ? – Domestic Product (aka GDP) simply depletes natural resources to make money.

As a graduate in Management and Business – for hire – this message particularly resonates with me as this blog has shown time and again that the current model simply isn’t working.

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Annie Leonard’s Story of Change

Do you remember The story of stuff and the various episodes that has been released since ? If not, you should watch them before going any further. Indeed, Annie Leonard has released a new episode of her series and it rocks.

Many people believe we’ll get out of our current predicament by shopping differently (more efficient light bulbs, greener products, etc). It is not the case as the short video afterwards shows.

If we want to get out of the triple crisis, we’ll have to get together and ACT. Shopping won’t solve anything. Demanding action from our governments will.

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Annie Leonard’s latest : The Story of Broke

Do you remember Annie Leonard’s great documentaries The Story of Stuff and the Story of Cosmetics ? Well, she did a few other more, including the latest : The Story of Broke.

In this eight-minute animated clip, she tackles the huge problem of subsidies of all kinds that are given to what she calls ” the Dinosaur Economy “. (Big Ag, Big Food and of course Big Oil…)

Stating that we are not broke but that our economy is broken, she urges us to take back the power and start fighting those subsidies to get a healthier economy and a more enjoyable environment.

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The Story of Cosmetics

Annie Leonard comes back ! After the Story of Stuff – about the true environmental cost of our consumerist frenzy – and the Story of Bottled Water – which is the apex of unsustainability – she comes back with the Story of Cosmetics.

Exposing the horrendous toxic products found in our personal care products Annie Leonard make us think about the implications these products can have on our health in the short and long terms.

Apparently the situation is more concerning the United States as the European Union seems to be a little bit more precautionary. But this makes me wonder of what happens on a global scale.

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Would you buy a $10,000 sandwich ?

The most probable answer is no. Then today’s post should help you reconsidering buying bottled water. Indeed, according to Annie Leonard’s latest short video the price of a bottle of water is 2,000 times the price of tap water.

I stopped drinking bottled water when I bought a Brita water filter. I could have went straight to tap water but concerns over the plumbing of our old house prevented me to do so.

Bottled water raises several questions and come with many problems. Indeed, it takes an awful lot of energy and money just to drink something you already have in your own home.

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The story of stuff… a mandatory video ?

For the past few months, I have been reading about this video without never watching it. After a comment on La Marguerite Blog, I decided to do so.

In 20 minutes or so, I learned a lot about the true cost and life cycle of the stuff we buy year after year and how this excessive phenomenon endangers our planet and very survival.

I don’t agree with everything stated by Annie Leonard, but I believe nonetheless that it should be watched by all to better grasp the consequences of consumerism.

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