European cleantech sector kept growing in 2010

Here are two good news for the European Union and the cleantech sector.  First and foremost, wind and solar energies accounted for 68 percent of the increase in electricity capacity in 2010 in the European Union.

Second, according to the latest EurObserv’ER report, the local renewable energy sector has passed the one million job mark as 1.11 million people are employed in this sector within the 27 countries.

Still to the report, the share of renewables in the gross final energy consumption has increased by 0.9 point. Continuing such a trend would allow the Union to reach its 2020 goals.

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Renewables deliver 20% of global electricity

To the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century and their latest Global Status Report : ” In 2010, renewable energy supplied an estimated 16% of global final energy consumption and delivered close to 20% of global electricity.” ” Renewable capacity now comprises about a quarter of total global power-generating capacity. (…) Global solar PV production … Read more

Avanti ! Italy goes forward on solar

Italy is currently in the news more because of Berlusconi’s taste for orgies but little is written on the expansion of solar photovoltaic there. However, there is much to write as it installed 6,000 MW of solar PV capacity in 2010 alone.

To Cleantechies : ” 7 GWs of PV power will yield well over 8 TWh of electricity per year, almost 2.5% of the nation’s electricity consumption, while still covering a microscopic share of the country’s land (most of which being roofs). “

Yes ! A country can install the equivalent of 2.5 percent via solar of its needed capacity in only a year. This means a lot for those who dream of a future powered only via renewable energy sources.

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Great astrophotographies – December 2010

With some late I would like to propose you my selection of the best pictures of the NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD). As always, here is my selection of the best pictures of last month. Today’s picture :

” A big, bright, beautiful Full Moon slid into planet Earth’s shadow early Tuesday morning. Remarkably, the total lunar eclipse coincided with the date of the December Solstice. “

I am absolutely still amazed at how many splendors can be seen at night. I just hope we may find a way to make our nights darker so more people can see them.

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Four years : the blog goes on

For the first post of  the year I would like to wish you a happy and sustainable year 2011. I hope this time we will get what we need : a global legal agreement on climate change and clean energy.

I also would like to start this year by having a look at what I consider the twenty five best or most important articles I published here in 2010. I hope you will enjoy this selection and look forward to reading your comments.

This brings me to something important : the success of this blog depends on YOU. So if you like a post, please subscribe (it’s entirely free) and share the posts with your friends.

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GHG emissions keep increasing: 2010 hottest year

To the World Meteorological Organization the main greenhouse gases – carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide – keep increasing in the atmosphere, and this despite the efforts and the economic recession. To the WMO :

” The report highlights concerns that global warming may lead to even greater emissions of methane from Arctic areas. To the Bulletin, total radiative forcing of all long-lived greenhouse gases increased by 27.5% from 1990 to 2009.”

Meanwhile, NASA reports 2010 is the hottest year on record so far. It seems that more than ever before, drastic action is needed. Will the call be heard in Cancun ?

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The hottest June ever recorded

To the US NOAA ” Last month’s combined global land and ocean surface temperature made it the warmest June on record and the warmest on record averaged for any April-June and January-June periods “ The Guardian notes that the data released suggest that ” 2010 is now on course to be the warmest year since … Read more

10 GW of solar PV capacity installed in 2010

This year will remain as an important milestone in the history of solar power. Indeed to GreenTech Media : ” In 2010, we will cross the threshold of 10 gigawatts of photovoltaic solar installed globally in a single year.”

This is indeed amazing as in 2000 only 170 megawatts were installed. This is 58 times more, which means a 51 percent increase per annum. If we were to continue this trend we would install 580 GW in the year 2020…

Such a thing is unlikely to occur. Specialists believe however that we could install up to 100 GW of capacity in 2020. This is still a note-worthy figure and a bright prospect.

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Great astrophotographies – March 2010

This is time for me to present my selection of the best pictures of the NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD). As always, this month was packed with beautiful images. It was difficult to select just ten. To the NASA, today’s picture :

” An eerie blue glow and ominous columns of dark dust highlight M78 and other bright reflection nebula in the constellation of Orion. The dark filamentary dust not only absorbs light, but also reflects the light of several bright blue stars.”

I am absolutely still amazed at how many splendors can be seen at night. I just hope we may find a way to make our nights darker so more people can see them.

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2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity

The huge variety of all living species on our Planet is a key element to life as we know it. However, too many species – including a fourth of mammals – are at risk of extinction. This has to be changed and real protection has to increase.

This is why ” The United Nations declared 2010 to be the International Year of Biodiversity. It is a celebration of life on earth and of the value of biodiversity for our lives.

For the occasion the WWF issued a list of ten species to watch in 2010 as they are at risk of becoming extinct. Among the list is the tiger. What would Calvin become without Hobbes ?

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