Celebrating ten years of blogging

Ten years ago I was starting this website as a blog. One of my goals was to show my passion for what was then called sustainable development and much more: energy issues, the environment and so on.

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It’s official, I became a top influencer on climate

This week I was featured for the first time in the ” Top 500 influencers active on Twitter in Climate Science & Forecast, the Carbon Economy, Emissions, Clean, Green & Renewable Energy, Generation and Efficiency, from Policy to Practice.” This is a great honor as among the people ranked are Al Gore (#1) or Kees van … Read more

A new design with U-Design

Dear visitors, readers and subscribers, today I am launching my website’s design based on U-Design, by Theme Forest. My previous one, FlexxBlue from iThemes was used for over four years. Some minor changes may still occur but overall, the main functionality and features have been put in place this weekend. As you may sure imagine, … Read more

1,200 posts later, this blog turns five

Dear visitors, readers and subscribers. Today, January 2nd, this humble blog turns five. As this is the first 2012 post, I would like to wish you and your loved ones a happy, healthy and sustainable year 2012 !

I have tried from day one to bring you a selection of the latest news and best researches on everything pertaining to climate, energy and sustainability. I hope you are enjoying reading it as I am writing it.

2011 has been a crucial year for me as I got my first real professional contract and as this blog has reached 200 subscribers. I am willing to go over and beyond this plateau.

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Would you subscribe to a weekly newsletter ?

Hello all. After proposing you to subscribe by RSS via Feedburner ; by Email ; and to follow this website by Twitter and last but not least on Facebook, I am just wondering if you would be interested by a weekly newsletter. It would feature all this blog articles from the week plus extra stuff … Read more

My thousandth post here : please answer the poll

I am publishing today my thousandth post. Started in the first hours of 2007, this blog has received since then more and more visitors and more and more people subscribed. Thank you all !

I would like to take the opportunity to start a poll among you, visitors, readers and subscribers. Indeed, to increase this blog’s success I would like to know what you think about my humble blog.

So please, take one minute of your time to answer these few questions. This will enable me to better answer your needs and wants. Please receive all my thanks in advance !

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Updated Facebook page

A little while ago I was stating that the Facebook page of this website had over a hundred fans that I was motivated to fix the page and allow posts to be published automatically on it.

As I had a day off work today I took the time to fix this. Thanks to RSS Graffiti, it was done quite quickly and effortlessly. Facebook fans now will receive all the articles of this website on their pages.

So if you like the articles I publish, please do not hesitate to share them with your friends and relatives and become a fan.

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Over a hundred Facebook fans !

Today I would like to thank you all for your continuous support and especially the 100 people who “fanned” this website on Facebook. This happens as I started the Facebook page of this website only four months ago…

What started in September with only close friends and acquaintances with mutual interest has grown as a global group savvy for sustainable development news and much more.

This motivates me to finding a way to share automatically my latest articles on the Facebook page. Indeed, doing it manually as I am right now is not the most practical way.

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Four years : the blog goes on

For the first post of  the year I would like to wish you a happy and sustainable year 2011. I hope this time we will get what we need : a global legal agreement on climate change and clean energy.

I also would like to start this year by having a look at what I consider the twenty five best or most important articles I published here in 2010. I hope you will enjoy this selection and look forward to reading your comments.

This brings me to something important : the success of this blog depends on YOU. So if you like a post, please subscribe (it’s entirely free) and share the posts with your friends.

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Become a fan on Facebook !

If you subscribed by RSS or by email you may haven’t noticed but a while ago I added to this blog’s sidebar a Facebook widget to enable you to become a fan of this website. I created this Fan page to enable you to share more easily my posts. I also added the official button … Read more

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