Surprise ! Tiny houses are not for everyone

I have been reading and writing about environmental issues for the past ten years, before that I grew up in the countryside, learning how beautiful Nature can be. I consider myself a concerned citizen but…

Some articles on how tiny homes are fantastic just piss me off ( Pardon my French. Ooops, I AM French ^^ ) and Treehugger’s propension on writing about them just tires me a bit. To each their own I would say and they provide so many other great news and coverage.

But back to tiny cutesy little homes. I guess I am not the only one to feel this way about them. Treehugger, the same very Treehugger addressed this in one of their articles. 

But this is nothing compared to another piece published on Medium, called ” DEAR PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN FANCY TINY HOUSES “. I laughed, no, I roared of laughter.

I live in 30 square meters – or around 300 square feet – on my own and I find it’s the perfect size but for me alone. With one or two fellow human beings, I am not so sure I could manage it. I just read too much stuff I keep around. ( yes, I know ).

So yes, tiny houses, large problems as I commented on Hipstercrite…

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  1. oh, yes, i have indeed lived in tiny spaces such as desert caves, small camper trailers, and extended stays in the seedy motels of the westerns deserts or abandoned miner’s shacks–all that with my nomad companion 3 well behaved sons–no one can afford to misbehave where mama is within ear and hand distance of course..we made necessary dream time with enthusiastic planning; what to do with antique stove parts? well an outdoor kitchen of course!water? collect all manner of found containers, fill where possible and be ever proud of imaginative lives..the sand school prepared them for lives as engineer and jet mechanic and teacher..tiny homes can cement the resolve to grow up and out..

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