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The electricity mix of 2050 is getting a bit clearer. To the International Energy Agency analysts, wind power could be behind 18 percent of the global electricity mix by mid century. This has to be compared to a tiny 2.6 percent to date. As the IEA notes : ” The […]

Wind could account for 18% of global electricity by 2050

According to new data from the US Energy Information Administration (EIA, how confusing…), the national energy-related carbon dioxide emissions declined by 3.8 percent last year, thus reaching their levels of 1994 while the economy grew. Many factors contributed to this drop in emissions. Among them are a warmer winter, a […]

United States emissions decreased by 3.8 percent in 2012

Would you buy two examples of a very expensive and complex product that nobody has ever seen functioning ? The most likely answer is ” No “. Yet that’s exactly what the United Kingdom did buy buying Monday two EPR reactors. The European Pressurized Reactor  is an evolution of third […]

United Kingdom to build two EPR nuclear reactors

It is that time of the month again : here is my selection of the most interesting and note-worthy news of September in the climate, energy and sustainability spheres. Each of them could have been the subject of an article. Given this selection I believe it is safe to say […]

Worth an article : My September 2013 tweets

As TreeHugger reports, Mexico is willing to drastically increase the share of renewable energy sources in its electricity mix. While  currently accounting for less than 15 percent, they will be pushed to represent over 35 percent by 2026. Most of current renewables in the country are coming from hydro as […]

Mexico to go for 35 percent renewables by 2026

For my second post on Cleantechies in less than a week, I bring good news from my home country, France, as it is stepping away from polluting, nefarious and dangerous fossil fuels : shale oil and gas retrieved via fracking. ” I reported previously here on Cleantechies that in 2011 […]

France simply won’t give into fracking

While browsing the various sources I follow on Tumblr, I found an article that quite caught my attention : 7 insects you’ll be eating in the future. The article explains the nutritional values of bugs and how some experts believe we’ll have to resort to this. While I am fully aware […]

Opinion : should we really all eat insects ?

Here is another post on Cleantechies, this time focusing again on how the European Union is succeeding in cutting its greenhouse gases emissions, and this without even trying that hard. Here is the introduction : ” According to the European Environment Agency, the European Union is already close to its […]

European Union already close to its 2020 climate goals

Story of solutions

Annie Leonard, of Story of Stuff fame did it all again and presented another great video on how we have to and can change the world. Called The Story of Solutions, it focuses on changing the end-game of MORE to a one focusing on BETTER. We have seen it already, […]

Annie Leonard presents the Story of Solutions

If you like me you are wondering sometimes what it would cost China to clean its air, here is the answer, and it is quite astounding. To a Chinese official, it would cost a mere 5 trillion yuan, or around $820 billion ( around 600 billion euros). For the capital […]

Cleaning Chinese skies won’t be cheap

As you might perhaps have read in an earlier blog post, I am giving part of my computer calculation capacities to scientific projects close to my heart such as cancers, AIDS and of course, solar energy via the World Community Grid. As I was wondering if all this energy – […]

How I helped make better solar panels, and how you ...

According to the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) , there are currently one hungry person out of eight on this planet. This represents 842 million people, or around twelve percent of the global population. While this is still a whole lot of people and way too much of them, […]

World hunger keeps on decreasing