Major company to stop deforestating Indonesia

Deforestation in IndonesiaTo the Agence France Presse : The world’s third-largest paper producer Asia Pulp and Paper said Tuesday it had stopped using logs from Indonesia’s natural forests, after fierce campaigning by green groups against the company.”

” The firm has in recent years lost packaging contracts with big brands such as foodmaker Kraft and Barbie’s Mattel after Greenpeace accused APP of clearing carbon-rich forest, home to endangered Sumatran tigers and orangutans. “

These are truly good news. We have seen time and again that deforestation in Brazil is at its lowest levels in decades and keep on decreasing.

But there are still a lot to do. Not only do we have to stop deforesting all around the world, but we also have to plant trees, billions of trees to slow down climate change.

Regarding paper production, why not turn to recycling ? Paper is a recyclable material and thousands of tonnes of it are littering our landfills.

In any case, these are good news : congrats on APP and all the NGOs that worked to achieved this.

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