What Obama’s re-election means for climate

US President Barack ObamaBarack Obama’s re-election this week occurred shortly after the Hurricane Sandy that killed dozens people and inflicted for billion of dollars of damages to the US economy. The past year has been the hottest ever for the United States.

On a positive note, President Obama have introduced various bills and laws to help America become cleaner and more efficient. In the meantime, coal has decreased in the local electricity generation from 50 to 37 percent.

Under attack, the fossil fuels lobbies have literally showered the country in ads to try and sell natural gas, dirty coal and other nefarious stuff to electors.

But their plans backfired as the results of the election showed clearly : people aren’t buying anymore that fossil fuels are ” clean ” and do provide jobs. Not only are they poor job creators, they are just killing people, wrecking Nature and fracking our climate.

Despite all this, President Obama showed little leadership on environmental issues and his first time was seemingly insufficient on a climate point of view – the US President haven’t mentioned climate at all for a long time – so what will this election means for our global climate ?

Once again, Climate Progress offers three posts on the matter :

My hopes – and I am sure many people’s too – are very high. The time for action is now. Let’s hope President Obama will heed the call this time !

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