Ditch the chocolate snack, eat organic apples

Last year I was inviting you to ditch the sodas and drink tea instead. Today I would like to invite you to ditch the chocolate snack to eat organic apples instead. Apples taste great and can reduce your cholesterol.

Forbes has a great article on organic apples and provide not one or two but five reasons why you should organic ones. I hope this will convince you to join me in eating organic fruits.

Indeed, I have taken the habit of eating one each day during my daily work and have found they are great in stopping me from being hungry.

Despite being a slim 60 kilos for 1.77 meter, I have cholesterol. A trait I have inherited from my dear dad (approximately same weight and height).

As a former Medical Doctor, he has convinced me to eat apples as a great and tasty way to cut the cholesterol. A little search on Google will show you how right he was.

To conclude, they are the ideal snack between two meals.

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