Now for hire, and why I need YOUR help

Back to January 2007 I launched this blog to show to potential employers my large interest for the renewables and sustainability areas. Indeed, I already had written both my BA dissertation and Master’s degree thesis on these topics.

Since then, my readership has expanded significantly and I believe I can now ask you to help me. My mission for the family’s company being finished, I am looking for a job in the cleantech areas.

Polyglott, I am ready to relocate globally. So, don’t hesitate to pass the word to your friends and on your blogs, I look forward to reading your ideas and comments. Thanks in advance !

3 thoughts on “Now for hire, and why I need YOUR help”

  1. Ed, don’t take it the wrong way but I’m pretty convinced your “for-hire” presentation is missing a crucial info: what you intend to apply for, what you’re good at!

    In my oppinion, “to find a job in the cleantech and sustainability sectors” does not count as an info about the job you want to do but merely the area which you want to work in. Of course your background as a blogger gives us hints on what you could achieve ; for example fit a journalist position in this area ; but since you’re talking about quality, IT, webdesign and International Business afterwards, the reader might be a bit confused, don’t you think?

    I would suggest to be a bit more specific about what you’re longing to do in the “cleantech and sustainability sectors”.

    Hope it helps,
    Tim 😉

  2. Much better! If you want to go futher, you could also try to make the info “pop-up” a bit more by putting a couple keywords relating to “for-hire” in bold for example. Don’t forget that you’re trying to sell yourself 😉

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