New features : RSS of comments, Twitter and Flickr

After my last post on this blog’s design, I continued to work on improving it. This time the changes take place in the sidebar where I propose you now new cool features.

From the possibility to read the latest comments and subscribe to their RSS. I also added my Twitter and my photos on Flickr : turns Web 2.0.

I removed the introduction in French but hope you will love the new features. In any case, I am looking forward to reading from your comments.

More details :

  • The introduction was modified to better present this blog and it’s main subjects.
  • The five comments are displayed automatically, with their author’s name, the title of the article and the beginning of each comment. The RSS of comments is now displayed.
  • The popular articles are picked according to a list given by Xiti, my statistics provider. I plan to find some way to propose you the same feature in an automatic way.
  • I am now on Twitter. I will use it to provide you with this site’s updates, interesting links on sustainable development, astronomy, photography and books I read but with a more personal touch.
  • Finally, my eight latest Flickr photos are now displayed. Nothing very impressive yet, but it will change…

As usual : thanks to Max from the Blog Tool Box [Fr] for his innumerable advices and help. You rock !

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