Chile to research on nuclear

The main news for this end of week comes from Latin America. According to several sources, including a local newspaper, the Santiago Times (source), Chile is beginning to study the possibility of building a nuclear power plant.

The energy situation makes that the government is looking at any solution to decrease import. Chile is currently importing more than 70 percent of its energy sources. All the sources are fossil fuels. Hydro power currently delivers a half of Chilean electricity. As most countries around the world, Chile is working on the opportunity of using other renewable energies like solar or wind energy.

Argentina is one of the main energy provider of Chile. Due to local consumption, Argentina is due to cut it exports. In the meantime, the electricity demand is facing a boom in Chile. This reinforces the importance for Chile to be more independent for its energy needs.

The local energy company Luksic talked previously with the nuclear energy leader Areva. The nuclear plant would bee connected to the north and central part of the country. The other possibility for Chile to solve the energy issue is to build more dams as only a fifth of this energy’s potential as been used so far.

It is interesting to conclude by the fact that both solutions are related to clean energy sources, and this truly reinforces the impression that all types of countries are turning to clean solutions.

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