Environment in the French Presidential elections of May 2007 – Part 2

Well, I got to admit that the environmental question was this month almost completely skept by all major parties. Now the debates are more on unemployment and the purchasing power than on anything else.

The environmental question was in my prior post the sixth (6th) topic of interest for the French. According to this month’s poll (published by Le Figaro on February 19th, made for Le Figaro, RTL and LCI), the environmental question is now behind the unemployment, the purchasing power increase, the social protection, the fight against poverty, the improvement of teaching and the insecurity problem.

However the same amount of people than on January (27 percent) believe that the environmental question is important for the next elections. It is indeed good news to see that there is no decrease in the amount of concerned people, but I can say that this amount is much too low compared to what is at stake. The environmental question is due to gain importance within the coming years, as well as the energy questions.

Otherwise, I would like to infer this article by saying that more and more people are getting interested by the elections. This is good news as a presidential election is still of crucial importance for the future of a democratic country like France.

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