Welcome to my blog !

As a French Master’s graduate in International Management, I have been widely interested for some time in Sustainable development and all related subjects. As a matter of facts, both my Bachelor’s dissertation and my Master’s thesis were in relation with renewable energies. I also did various other papers and files on related topics and have been documenting myself since 2003.

I just finished studying (Degree obtained in October 2006) and I am currently seeking employment in all domains linked to clean energy sources, energy performance or sustainable development. You will find information about me and my curriculum in the About section of this website. Four languages will be available little by little.

This weblog will enable me to comment the news in areas of ecology as well as other interesting information. There will be normally two new posts per week minimum. I indeed prefer quality over quantity.

I hope you will enjoy as much reading this blog as I have writing it…

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