Solar thermal


I was tired of reporting how the situation is bad in Australia because of the current politicians running the country. So for today’s post here are some good news from Down Under as it is becoming a global solar leader.

Australia is home to a solar revolution

While I write mostly about the United States, Europe or China, a lot is happening in other regions of the world. An example of this is the growth of renewable energy sources in Latin America. Lately, I have come across a few large projects in this region. In Chile, a […]

Latin America moves forward on renewable energy

When people talk about solar energy, most of them just think about solar photovoltaic (PV) that generates electricity from sun rays. While this is a great energy source, there is a much simpler one : solar thermal. This is why my interest was brought to an IEA report on how […]

A look at the solar thermal market


According to an International Energy Agency official, a third of ALL global energy needs could be answered by solar energies within the next five decades. (photovoltaic, concentrated and thermal) And this could be a low estimate : as Climate Progress notes : ” Solar is clearly proving itself without a […]

Solar to account for a third of energy by 2060

Cleantechies published last week a tremendous article on solar thermal and why it is “is about to see explosive growth”. I am not entirely surprised of that as I have been a strong advocate of this solution for more than five years. Presenting the industry, the article goes on and […]

Seven reasons to develop solar thermal

During my daily hours of ride in the trains to go and come back from the job I read books but also newspapers. This allowed me to read a great article in the New York Times about an unexpected problem with solar power plants in California. ” Just weeks after […]

Solar power plants face problems in California

According to Renewable Energy World, Thailand is on its way to install more than four gigawatts of renewable energy capacity in the very next years thanks to an innovative feed-in tariffs system dedicated to small local projects. Solar thermal and biomass constitute the majority of projects with 1,400 MW and […]

Thailand to install 4.300 MW of renewables


You know if you have been reading this blog for some time now : China is determined to become the leader on cleantech. But it’s not only about making money in tomorrow’s leading industry : it is also about the environment. Indeed, if China is investing $12 million each hour […]

China wants 500 GW of renewables by 2020

Good news everyone ! (*) You – as well as many and many other people – will now be able to read my humble articles about solar energies on the Solar Feeds News Network. The world’s largest solar news network, it will enable me to reach over 59,000 Twitter followers […]

Now featured in Solar Feeds !

Solar photoelectric and concentrating solar thermal are all the rage and little is said about the much simpler solar thermal. However this technology has a huge potential as New York will soon show. Indeed the US State is willing to add the equivalent of no less than two gigawatts of […]

New York State unveils solar thermal plans

This year will remain as an important milestone in the history of solar power. Indeed to GreenTech Media : ” In 2010, we will cross the threshold of 10 gigawatts of photovoltaic solar installed globally in a single year.” This is indeed amazing as in 2000 only 170 megawatts were […]

10 GW of solar PV capacity installed in 2010