Turning urine into electricity

I recently wrote a post on how we could turn urine and feces into energy thanks to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. I also wrote about some similar efforts that are being done in Singapore. Now, according to Grist and Ecogeek, four African teenage girls created a generator that runs on pee, turning one …

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Splitting water with solar power

This is a guest post from Mathias Aarre Maehlum, an environmentalist who studies energy engineering. In his spare time he works as a freelance writer. Read more of his stuff at Energy Informative. Researchers at Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have figured out a way to split water molecules (H2O) into hydrogen by using the sun.Hydrogen …

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The Third Industrial Revolution

Here is my review of The Third Industrial Revolution, by Jeremy Rifkin. After reading the 300 pages I daresay this book provides us a vision and a narrative to achieve it. Here are the five pillars of this revolution : 1. Shifting to renewable energy ; 2. Converting buildings into power plants 3. Hydrogen and …

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Hydrogen: A dream or delusion?

This is the title of an interesting article at GreenTech Media. Here are some essential quotes of it : ” Hydrogen. In green technology circles, just mentioning the word is enough to start an argument. “ ” Hydrogen could become a ubiquitous source of electricity and heat, say advocates. Plus, it’s somewhat prevalent. Hydrogen remains …

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A new MIT technology to produce hydrogen

I never have been a fan of hydrogen-based energy solutions. Indeed, using energy to produce hydrogen that will produce electricity seems a tad too complex. This may change with Professor Daniel Nocera from the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) who found a fantastic solution to produce Hydrogen in a much more efficient way. This …

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