Hydrogen: A dream or delusion?

This is the title of an interesting article at GreenTech Media. Here are some essential quotes of it : ” Hydrogen. In green technology circles, just mentioning the word is enough to start an argument. “

Hydrogen could become a ubiquitous source of electricity and heat, say advocates. Plus, it’s somewhat prevalent. Hydrogen remains the most abundant element in the universe (…) “

” Hydrogen advocates (…) readily admit the technology has not lived up to its promise. Virtually all of the experience to date seems to bolster the case of the critics.

My opinion is summed up in the first comment :

There is no possible case in which using electricity to strip hydrogen from water, then use that hydrogen in a fuel cell… could ever compete with the efficiency of simply using that electricity in a battery/electric motor

Indeed, storing electricity is becoming more and more easy as recent research improves the capacity of batteries.

What do you think about hydrogen ?

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