Cleaning up the oceans from plastic is possible

As I stated this summer in a previous article, we could clean up our oceans from plastic. Better, we could do it in a few years. That’s what Boyan Slat, a 20-year youngster from the Netherlands believe.

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Pacific Garbage Patch has gotten 100 times worse

This seems to come straight from a nightmare. According to Grist, the Pacific Garbage Patch has gotten a hundred times bigger in only forty years. This is a huge problem as all this pollution directly harms the local biodiversity. Turtles and fishes are the first victims but all this could also endanger zooplankton in the … Read more

A creative idea for the plastic in our oceans

I don’t know if this the most interesting or the craziest idea I came across this year : WHIM Architecture outlined a plan to create Recycled Island which would collect plastic in our oceans and use it to build an Hawaii-sized island. On top of cleaning our oceans from all this mess this project could … Read more

Atlantic’s garbage patch

I previously wrote here that plastic may be a curse of our time because of the millions of tonnes of these materials polluting the Pacific Ocean. Now comes its equivalent in the North Atlantic Ocean. To the National Geographic : “The newly described garbage patch sits hundreds of miles off the North American coast. Although … Read more

Plastic, a curse of our time

I was reading the Arctic Circle, the comics strip (left) provided by the Daily Green, and this reminded me I never wrote about what is referred to as the Pacific Trash Vortex.

Spreading from California to Japan and Hawaii, it is the world’s largest dump and the biggest sign – with the billion tonnes of CO2 – that we have gone way to far in polluting our planet.

But the Pacific is not the only one: all our oceans are polluted by million tons of plastic. I collected for today’s post two articles on that most dreadful fact.

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