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Une Révolution Mondiale Du Biogaz Est En Cours

Alors que la France semble enfin voir ses capacités de génération de biogaz décoller – avec pas moins de 152 nouveaux méthaniseurs sur notre territoire en 2021 – et que l’invasion Russe de l’Ukraine...


India goes full speed ahead on LED lights

India is nowadays a booming economy, with more people demanding always more energy. But the local government is smart and aware of the staggering potential of energy efficiency as it will replace all streetlights...

Can France succeed its energy transition ?

That’s the question I was asking myself in my latest Cleantechies opinion piece as my beloved homecountry’s incumbent government unveiled at long last its own energy transition policy.

Morocco goes forward on cleantech 0

Morocco goes forward on cleantech

It seems Morocco has done a lot in its own energy transition. As RTCC reported the country should be held up as a ‘poster child’ for effective green policymaking according to the World Bank’s top...

Solar and wind are soaring in Australia 0

Solar and wind are soaring in Australia

The energy transition is taking place in Australia. According to the local website, Renew Economy, that’s pretty much a certainty as no less than 4.4 billion US Dollars – 3.17 billion euros – were spent...