A cultural break – January 2007

Every month I will present here cultural products (video, book, DVD, album… ) that I truly enjoyed in the past month. This will be a break from our sustainable development topics. To begin this section, I will talk to you about a video seen on the Internet and a book. Firstly, the video. Thanks to… Continue reading A cultural break – January 2007

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IPCC meets this week in Paris

This week in Paris, the International Panel on Climate Change, the climate change experts working for the United Nations, will release the first part of their fourth report. The new evaluation report will normally show an acceleration in the climate change process as extreme phenomena have been witnessed from the United States to China, as… Continue reading IPCC meets this week in Paris

Environment in the French Presidential elections – Part 1

In May 2007 the French people, me included, will vote for a new President for five years. As I am French and very committed to environment, I decide from today on to write a series of articles on this topic and its place in the forthcoming elections. Every month until May, I will continue this… Continue reading Environment in the French Presidential elections – Part 1

German CV available

From today on, my German and Austrian readers can have access to my resume in their language in both the About and Download pages. Meine Deutsche und ├ľsterreichische Lesern k├Ânnen my Lebenslauf auf Deutsch gelangen.


An increased oil production in Canada

Last week, Radio Canada announced that their local government will increase in a large way the oil production to answer the demand from the USA. The demand could thus be multiplied by a factor five before 2015. Putting the oil supply from 1 million barrel per day to five million will require to extract more… Continue reading An increased oil production in Canada

Data section to be launched

There are no news this week yet. The reason behind this is the launch of the website’s Data section. In this section, you will find soon basic information on sustainable development related topics. These topics include the various energy sources and their advantages and drawbacks. Other subjects like climate change, water or recycling will be… Continue reading Data section to be launched


On wood

Wood is a great material for many things, ranging from construction material to heat premises. In France, the market is soaring, and this for several reasons. The first thing that is needed to know is that the French forest is growing, approximately 70.000 hectares per annum. The total land covered by forests in France are… Continue reading On wood

EU to take strong measures on climate change

Seen today on the Figaro website ( a leading French daily ) and on Reuters website. The European Union Commission is meeting today and their topic is energy policy. Climate change is a major subject when it comes to energy and the EU commission clearly understand that. As a matter of fact, they propose to… Continue reading EU to take strong measures on climate change

May this blog begin ! (at last…)

After a week of work, the resumes in English and French are available. Normally everything works just fine and there is all the data needed for a resume. If you think there is something missing (or worse, that is not working), please tell me. I will do my possible to do the needed fixing or… Continue reading May this blog begin ! (at last…)

Welcome to my blog !

As a French Master’s graduate in International Management, I have been widely interested for some time in Sustainable development and all related subjects. As a matter of facts, both my Bachelor’s dissertation and my Master’s thesis were in relation with renewable energies. I also did various other papers and files on related topics and have… Continue reading Welcome to my blog !