Mankind polluted Earth’s oceans and atmosphere in an impressive way. According to the European Space Agency (ESA) it also polluted space in such a way that it represents a danger for satellites for the next 10,000 years ! To their website: “Since 1957, more than 4,800 space launches have led […]

Space debris are a danger for satellites


This is now official, even if there is no life on Mars, there is at least water. This most interesting founding is due to the US NASA and its Mars Phoenix Lander mission. The mission begun on May 25th and was extended one month until the end of September as […]

There is water on Mars !

Last night was successfully installed on the International Space Station the laboratory Columbus. This is a major event as it is the first European module to be part of the ISS. Both the ESA and NASA, respectively the European and US space agencies, expressed their delight of such a major […]

European space lab Columbus installed on ISS