American Power, by Mitch Epstein

Today I went to see the American Power photo exhibit at the Fondation Henri Cartier Bresson, in Paris. Pictures are the result of years – from 2003 to 2009 – of travel and photography by Mitch Epstein.

I believe these pictures clearly enable us to witness how energy, power, is shaping and altering the United States. Some pictures are oppressing – like the one on the left – while others are depressing. (A few however left me indifferent…)

All these pictures make us question our addiction to energy, or rather energies. It personnally increased my determination to push forward the best energy source of all : efficiency.

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Earth seen from space

For my second article for the blog of my friend Sherlock, I decided to write about three great photographs of the Earth seen from space.

They enable us to see how our beautiful planet is tiny compared to the immensity of space and thus very fragile. This of course is a good drive to protect it.

This combines my interests in both photography and environment, and it fulfills quite well the objectives of my articles there.

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