Nebia, a shower that saves 70 percent of water

This is important as water scarcity may well concern half of Mankind by the middle of the century according to an MIT study. Here comes the shower of the future. Nebia uses 70 percent less water than the US standard.

According  to the Kickstarter crowfunding campaign of Nebia, for an average Californian family of four, the savings would be of $400 dollars, thus paying for the Nebia showerhead in less than a year at the preffered price.

California, which is currently in an horrifying drought would save 200 billion gallons of water per year if everybody there used such efficient showeheads. For those not familiar with gallons, that’s 768 billion liters of water per year. All this water is worth four billion US Dollars…

This makes me wonder how long this next gen showerhead would last ? Five years ? Ten ? More ? In any case, this represents a step in the right direction for water stressed communities.

But beyond showers, I believe it is time for people to get serious on water efficiency. We need water to live yet more and more regions in the world are getting drier. I am surprise of how much pristine, clean drinking water can be used just to flush. Six liters (over a gallon and a half ) for a flush is just too much, especially when toilets can use as little as two liters to do the job.

Toilets and showers are just the start. Water is critical for the survival of our civilization and it is high time we treat it as the blue gold…

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