Smart utilities are offering LED light bulbs

Here is something intelligent : utilities offering LED bulbs to decrease your energy consumption. As an example of this I received this month a FREE super efficient bulb. Thanks Seattle City Light for making my household and thousands of others more efficient ! 

I received this month a coupon for a free LED light. After filling it up and posting it, it took them a week to send it to me. I then received a colorful box with a Philips Slimstyle LED bulb equivalent to a 60 W incandescent…

Bravo and thank you Seattle City Light, you truly deserve your title of the Nation’s greenest utility !

How I wish other utilities in the United States, Europe and pretty much anywhere else did the same. This makes so much sense for them : instead of building new fossil fuels fired plants or less expensive solutions like wind turbines or solar panels, they invest in consumer-side energy efficiency, saving money, enissions and so on.


As I noted in a previous post,

If all light bulbs in the United States were replaced by such (LED) bulbs, the potential savings could be the absolutely huge amount of $37 billion (27 billion euros) per year !

This would half the amount of energy consumed for lightning in the US. Now let’s imagine what this would lead in terms of decreased greenhouse gases emissions in the United States alone.

LED bulbs are getting cheaper and cheaper, so replace your most used bulbs with LED models and see the savings by yourself !

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